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    Written on May 10, 2013

    LGBT Legal Issues Ending a relationship is never easy for anyone, but ending a relationship and having no legal rights related to that relationship is even harder. Unfortunately, when same-sex couples end their relationship, they face the same hardships that “traditional” couples would endure. Child custody, visitation rights, property division, and additional family law matters may need to be addressed during the time of separation. Making sure you have the proper legal representation through an experienced lawyer is crucial to protecting your rights from the start.

    Understanding Your Legal Rights in Same-Sex Marriages

    When it comes to the dissolution of a same- sex relationship, it is difficult enough to find adequate legal support, and it is even more difficult to find that adequate legal support within a state that does not recognize such rights. With Georgia laws currently denying same-sex couples traditional legal spousal rights, it is important to understand where you both legally stand for full protection. Though spousal rights may not be given, there are methods through which same-sex couples may obtain the legal rights common to a traditional married couple. At The Silverbach Group, our attorneys focus on maximizing our clients’ legal protection through a variety of legal services, most of which are listed below:

    LGBT Attorney Kennesaw Ga

    Adoption/Second Parent Adoptions:

    Adoptions and second parent adoptions are one of the largest concerns for many same-sex couples that have children during their relationship. Whether they choose to adopt or use a donor, legal rights should still be considered during the pre-planning phase. In the state of Georgia, regardless whether one parent is the biological parent or donor, the other parent may face hardships regarding legal rights to the child if the relationship were to end. This is true even if both parents were actively involved with raising the child from birth, parenting the child over the years of the relationship, or financially providing for the child during the relationship. To ensure you and your family are protected from the start, contact us today for your complimentary, pre-planning consultation with attorney Amy Pierson.

    Additional Family Law Areas of Practice For Same-Sex Couples:

    • Child Custody and legal rights
    • Child Support
    • Property Division
    • Debt Distribution
    • Domestic Partnership Agreements
    • Domestic Partnership Dissolutions
    • Estate Planning
    • Wills and Trusts
    • Power of Attorney (Health Care and Financial)

    We are dedicated to guiding you down the right path for full legal protection when it comes to you and your family. For additional information regarding your legal rights within your same-sex relationship, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

    Kennesaw LGBT Attorney

    Experienced Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered (“LGBT”) Family Law Attorney — Amy Pierson

    We understand the importance of working with an attorney that you can count on for proper representation when it comes to your rights within your same-sex relationship. At The Silverbach Group, our attorney, Amy Pierson is a proud member of the LGBT community and focuses on representing a variety of same-sex families throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Since there are over 750,000 Gays and Lesbians living in the Metro Atlanta area, it is important to consider how your legal rights are protected when it comes to your relationship. For additional information, feel free to contact our LGBT attorney today! You can count on our firm to have the compassion, experience, and drive to counsel you in the right direction.

    We firmly believe that our many years of Family Law experience, our representative interests in the LGBT community, and our drive to get results separates our firm from the rest when it comes to understanding your legal needs during the creation, growth, or dissolution of your same-sex relationship. Our team at The Silverbach Group, in Kennesaw, GA, is fully dedicated to ensuring the protection of you and your family. Whether you are beginning your pre-planning phase or ending your relationship, contact us today for additional information and guidance.


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