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  • Winter Weather Brings More Car Accidents to Cobb County

    Written on February 26, 2015

    Winter weather can bring slippery road conditions. With snow and ice on our Cobb County roads, it’s easy to have a fender bender. Even small accidents can cause major damage to vehicles! Be fully aware when driving during these weather alerts, with less distractions in the car. Be sure to drive slower during snow and ice warnings. The dreaded “black ice” is hard to see until it’s too late and you have already lost control of the vehicle! In the South, it’s not about driving in the snow, but losing control of the car and sliding on the ice.
    Small or large car accidents can leave people with lingering pain. Sometimes the pain can be felt from the day of the accident, or maybe the day after becomes the worst. Oftentimes, it can be pain that results in a loss of motion, loss of full body functions, or pain that lingers- years later!

    Even small car accidents can leave people with pain from whiplash, neck and back pain, numbness in limbs, radiating pain throughout body, joint stiffness and prolonged soreness. However, what about the hidden injuries that you don’t see? What happens a month from now or 3 months from now, if it still hurts? Have you been seen by a doctor? Don’t settle too quickly, leaving yourself in pain that could become worse over time. When you are dealing with pain from an accident, you can’t “walk it off” and expect the body to heal itself.
    If you are involved in an accident, it is best to call an attorney the day of, or the day after, the accident, to seek advice on how to deal with the upcoming medical plan that you will need, how to handle the insurance paperwork, how to handle the loss of work, the loss of pay, and more. You will have a lot of questions that need to be handled in the right way to avoid problems that you could face later down the road. For the right verbal responses, and the right response to your injuries, seeking the help of an experienced accident attorney will be one of the best decisions you can make in the aftermath of an accident.

    Having an attorney on your side to advise you on how to move forward will benefit you in many ways. After an accident, it’s hard to make clear-headed decisions when you have been physically and emotionally traumatized. People who have been in a car accident are often times in pain, and then have added pressure of not being sure how to move forward from all that life has thrown at them.

    After an accident, people tell us that they feel “intense pressure from the onslaught of questions from medical staff, insurance companies, employer questions from their job, and for ongoing medical care.” Calling for the help of an attorney after an accident helps you focus on your medical care and get better. Asking for help in a difficult time in your life is the best advice.
    Car accidents can happen any time, even on a bright, sunny day under normal road conditions. But during this season of winter weather, be sure to drive safely and stay focused on the road. Call The Silverbach Group if you need us: 770-635-0334


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