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  • When Should You Make a Will?

    Written on August 5, 2014

    Making a will is an important step in preparing for the future of your family. By taking the time to make a will, you ensure that your wishes are carried out just like you want them. You can allocate certain possessions, monies, or property into the hands of designated family members, friends or loved ones. The people who you mention in your will are called your beneficiaries.

    CS_GirlHuggingMom_388499_7The benefits of making a will are…

    1.. Preparing for your children and your family, in case of the unexpected.

    2. Naming your beneficiaries and itemizing your assets.

    3. Protecting your assets for your family’s future.

    4. Preparing future tax shelters and releasing loved ones from a financial burden.

    Current statistics tell us that almost 70% of people die without a will. This is a tragedy, because making a will is a simple procedure, and can be done relatively quickly at The Silverbach Group.

    What happens if you don’t make a will? If you don’t make a will, the details of your estate can end up in probate court. This is the specialized court that deals with administration and handling of estates, when someone passes away without a will.

    Do you want the State of Georgia and Cobb County to delegate who will get your belongings? Not only does the probate court decide what happens, they also decide when it will all take place. It is a fact that estates and the belongings of the estate, can be tied up in probate court for years, without a will to decide the fate of the property and the designated beneficiaries.

    Everyone would rather their property, cash, investments and other valuables stay within their family. Making a will is important when you want to allocate certain things to particular family members.

    Kennesaw Attorney FinancingIf you are a young family, just starting out in life, or if you are settled down and now preparing for your future, now is the time to allocate your belongings through a will. Making a will with The Silverbach Group knows the importance of making a will. This is the first step in planning for your family’s future. Call us to make an appointment: 770-635-0334