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  • School is Back in Session: Read These Laws Regarding Cobb Co. Schools and Traffic

    Written on August 11, 2015

    School is back in session. Most schools in the area resumed classes this past week. Traffic will be a little worse in the morning as buses go from stop to stop to pick up children. With school back in, we have to remember the rules as it relates to school children and buses on the road.

    Law enforcement officers are also out in the morning as buses and cars fill city streets and neighborhoods. It’s important for drivers to remember the rules: when it comes to violations near schools or school buses, officers are usually inclined to issue citations instead of warnings.

    Watch for school buses: We all know what flashing red lights on a school bus means. The bus is either loading or unloading children. In many instances, kids are crossing the road in front of the bus. If you pass a bus when those red lights are flashing, you are almost guaranteed to get a ticket. Traffic in both directions must come to a complete stop. A ticket for this violation (OCGA 40-6-163) is up to $1000 and can add as many as six points to your license.

    Watch your speed: Drivers must also watch their speed around schools in the morning and afternoon. The speed limit drops dramatically in a “school zone” which is usually indicated by flashing yellow lights above the road. Don’t be surprised to see a patrol car sitting near the school watching for speeders. If you don’t slow down, the officer won’t hesitate to give you a ticket.

    Show ID to Pick up Kids: Most schools in the area restrict access during the day. Those wishing to enter have to be buzzed in by someone in the office. Many schools also require identification from visitors. If school employees don’t know you, and you are there to pick up your child, chances are you will have to produce your driver’s license. This can be frustrating to some, especially when you are picking up your own child. Keep in mind that the school is focused on the safety of the children. It won’t help matters to get upset or argumentative. Every year there are stories in the news about parents getting arrested for becoming disruptive at a school. Don’t let that happen to you. Keep calm and follow the school’s protocols.

    Zero Tolerance Law: The Cobb County Georgia school system has a zero tolerance law in effect for the following: drugs, weapons (knives or firearms), alcohol, tobacco, and bullying. The school system send home a form for the parents and child to sign stating that they understand the no tolerance policy.

    To learn more about Cobb Co schools, here is a Q& A page:

    If you have received a citation and believe you weren’t violating any laws, call The Silverbach Group today. We are an experienced law firm here to help. Our attorneys can answer questions and consult with you on any legal questions you may have. You can reach us at 770-635-0334.


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