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  • One Reason to Choose Our Legal Team As Your Kennesaw Attorney- Testimonial

    Written on June 28, 2013

    “Any time one enters into litigation emotions run very high, no matter what type of litigation it is. That element can have a way of eating away at valuable time, that should otherwise be spent on the cold hard legal aspect, that is litigation. The simple fact is, the law is unemotional and people are very emotional. There are attorneys who spend valuable time focusing on the emotional end and do nothing –  but run up huge legal bills while discussing it. This does nothing to obtain the legal result the client needs. Then there are those attorneys who are cold and hard edged and they hammer the legal aspect but leave the client feeling like their feelings are not being validated. The proceedings themselves are often times emotionally charged and depending on how that all important emotional aspect is handled the client’s performance during hearings and as a witnesses can be seriously affected, contributing to the over all outcome.

    Ted Silverbach has a way of handling that emotional aspect while, at the same time, providing top legal council. He is an excellent Kennesaw attorney who, in  addition to great skill, truly cares about his clients. Were it not for him, my children would have been forced to visit with their abusive grandfather. Not only did he protect them, but he validated my feelings yet didn’t run up huge legal fees. Then,  on top of our winning the case itself,  he was able to win back some of my attorneys fees. This is not the norm it litigation , yet Ted was able to accomplish it. His performance in court was so outstanding and his summation so perfect,  that the judge ruled in our favor.

    This was the second case he litigated against my, very litigious, father – he WON BOTH. The bottom line is:  if you need an attorney – Ted Silverbach is the RIGHT attorney.  I have nightmares, thinking about what would have happened to my children, were it not for him.”


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