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  • How Long Does a Divorce Take?

    Written on May 12, 2016

    phone, paid rfThis is often a question I hear from my clients, and unfortunately, there is no single answer. The process of divorce is affected by many variables, including whether you and your spouse agree on terms of separation. Sensitive issues such as child custody, financial agreements, and more will all have to be addressed. This all takes time to come to an arrangement between two parties that will not typically agree on much during a time of divorce.

    If both spouses are in agreement, divorce filed for in the Superior court in the state of Georgia can be granted in a little as one month. However, if spouses are not in agreement, divorce proceedings can easily stretch into months (or even years, in the worst cases).

    At the Silverbach Group, we understand that the process of divorce is highly stressful and emotional, and we strive to streamline the process so it is over as quickly as possible. During an initial consultation, one of our experienced attorneys will decide if you and your spouse are candidates for an uncontested divorce. To be eligible for an uncontested divorce, both parties must agree (in writing) on all terms of separation to include:

    • Divisions of all personal assets
    • Responsibility for each joint liability and debt
    • Residence of children (specifically when and where)
    • Amount of child support paid and by whom
    • A written agreement on visitation schedules and rules
    • Alimony paid to the other party (how much)

    Uncontested divorces are preferable to many individuals seeking a divorce because of the convenience of a flat fee, but we understand that this is not always possible. When parties do not agree on the terms of separation, our attorneys will guide you through the process to come to terms that will be in your best interest.

    Before signing any paperwork with a spouse during the divorce proceedings, it imperative that you consult legal counsel to protect your rights and assets. Call our office at 770-635-0334 or visit us online to schedule a truly free consultation.


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