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    Written on July 26, 2013

    Whether you are a new driver or a veteran behind the wheel, there are three letters that, once earned, will follow you for the rest of your life – D.U.I. Without proper representation to assert your rights from the beginning, the stigma, embarrassment, expense, and record of a Kennesaw DUI conviction can and likely will be with you for a very long time. Like many other convictions, DUI’s can remain with you like stain, preventing you from getting the job of your dreams and many other opportunities.


    Because your criminal record does not tell the whole story – it does not explain that you were only 21 and blew barely over the limit on a poorly calibrated breathalyzer gun, or that the stop that led to your arrest was improper, or any other extenuating circumstances that may apply to your situation – it is vital that you have competent legal representation as early as possible in the process to assess any legal defenses you may have, to advise you in your time of crisis, and to assert your rights in the often confusing criminal legal process.


    Let’s take a look at just some of the ways a Kennesaw attorney could potentially help if you are stopped for a suspected DUI. Did the officer have a good reason to pull you over? Did the officer properly administer the so-called “field sobriety tests” before moving on to the Intoxalyzer 5000 (breathalyzer test)? Do you have a disability or other special circumstances that might call into question the results of your field sobriety test? After all, if you have a condition that makes your balance chronically bad, it’s probably improper for the officer to use the “walk the line” test.  Did the officer advise you of your right to independent testing and your other legal rights before administering the breathalyzer test? Do you have medical conditions like diabetes, liver disease, or other health problems that could interfere with the breathalyzer? Were you taking cold medicine before the breathalyzer? What about wearing lip balm? When was the last time the Intoxalyzer machine was serviced or calibrated?


    These are just a smattering of the potential questions that legal counsel may ask in investigating a DUI case to determine how best to mount a defense, and that’s just when looking at the initial stop. Don’t waste your money on gimmicks from the internet or head shops that claim to help you “beat” the breathalyzer. They don’t work. The reality is that the Intoxalyzer 5000 is a sophisticated piece of machinery that, when properly calibrated, is quite likely to accurately calculate blood alcohol count. Competent legal counsel can help you find ways to defend yourself not by attacking the machine itself, but by examining the component that is more likely to be faulty – the human operator.


    If you have faced, or are about to face, the Intoxalyzer 5000 and your driving record is at stake, contact the Silverbach Group for a free consultation to assess your potential legal defenses today. Your criminal history, your driving record, and your peace of mind.



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