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    Written on August 1, 2013


    Once you make the decision to end a marriage, most people want to get the ball rolling as efficiently, painlessly and, frankly, inexpensively as possible. The more you and your spouse can agree on in dissolving your union, the more likely you can achieve that goal. In the event that you can agree on the terms of the dissolution of all areas of your relationship – property, money, debts, child custody, visitation, etc. – you may be a good candidate for what is known as an “uncontested divorce.” In an uncontested divorce, the parties (that’s you and your spouse) settle all areas of your divorce outside of the courtroom and file a “settlement agreement” along with your divorce complaint.

    In this type of divorce, you avoid contentious hearings and costly mediation sessions, and may be able to avoid appearing in court entirely, depending on the county in which you file.  If you are able to reach agreement on all of these areas, then you may ask yourself, why hire a lawyer at all?

    Even when you’ve agreed on all of the major components of your divorce, there are still the nuts and bolts of the divorce to be handled. The complaint and settlement agreement still have to be drafted, the paperwork still has to be filed with the court, and the case still has to be shepherded through the court system to ensure that it doesn’t hit any snags. It’s also important even in an uncontested divorce to have someone who can advise you about your rights, responsibilities, and obligations throughout the process. Here at the Silverbach Group, we offer reasonable flat rates for representation in uncontested divorce cases, ranging from $350.00 plus court fees for a divorce with no minor children or property to just $1,100.00 plus court fees for a divorce with both minor children and property.

    If your divorce is more contentious, or you are not able to work out all areas of your agreement, then you may need representation in a traditional divorce, where one party files the complaint to start the process, the other party answers, and the case moves through the court toward a final hearing where a judge makes a decision on all areas that are not ultimately negotiated to settlement. In these types of cases, it is particularly important to have a knowledgeable legal professional on your side. By hiring your Kennesaw attorney at the Silverbach Group, you can expect absolute confidentiality, professional knowledge and expertise, a legal professional who represents you within the parameters of your signed retainer agreement, legal representation at all court hearings, meetings, etc., and competent, professional legal advice regarding your specific case and situation.

    If you choose the Silverbach Group, our professional attorneys will represent you from the start of your case, through dispute resolution, negotiation and trial, all the way to case closure, keeping in mind your goals and bottom line at all times.

    Don’t just take our word for it, though. Do your research before choosing a Kennesaw divorce lawyer. Choose a lawyer with the credentials and professional expertise to guide you through the process, that is within your price range, and geographically convenient for you for meetings, hearings, etc. Here at the Silverbach Group, we are committed to providing quality legal representation regardless of our clients’ pocket size.

    If you believe that our firm fits your needs, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.



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