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  • Your Kennesaw Attorney Now Has Case Financing Available To Clients

    Written on June 6, 2013


    When you need an Attorney, the first thought most people have, is:

    How am I going to pay for one?


    Traditionally when you hire an attorney, they charge a “retainer” or fee up front before beginning any legal work except when it’s a contingency case – where the attorney’s fee comes out of any award you receive rather than on the front end – and even than you may need resources to cover court filing fees, depositions and expert witness fees. Therefore, The Silverbach Group – Your Attorneys in Kennesaw, GA– is now offering a financing option to their clients.


    Reasonable and flexible Client payment plans now available at The Silverbach Group.


    Kennesaw Lawyer Financing



    At the Silverbach Group, our attorneys understand that the present economy is causing financial burdens on most Americans and we decided to find a solution to help you retain top quality legal assistance.  Now, even those of modest means should not assume that they are “priced out” of  quality legal assistance. How do we accomplish this, you ask? First and foremost, NOT by looking at your credit score. That’s right:





    Instead, we ask the following questions:

    • Do you have a source of income?
    • Do you have valid State ID?
    • Do you have a checking account?

    (Approval is mainly based on your checking account history.)


    • You choose your monthly payment plans, 3, 6, or 12?
    • No Penalties. No Hidden Fees.
    • Approval in less than 10 minutes.

    Legal Financial Approval Kennesaw, GA

    You should know that at the Silverbach Group, regardless of the nature of your case, we work to keep the costs to you at a minimum. Although legal work is different from many professions in that the bulk of the work that we do is behind the scenes – that four page letter and five minute phone call may be the product of hours of legal research and collaboration between multiple team members, after all – we strive to make sure that all work done on your case is achieved in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Every member of our team works with your bottom line in mind, whether you are a contingency fee customer, a traditional up-front retainer paying customer, or financing your legal assistance using our innovative NO CREDIT NEEDED approach.

    Kennesaw Attorney Financing


    Whether you choose to work with the Silverbach Group or another firm, efficiency is not a one-way street. You, too, can help to ensure that your attorney keeps your costs to a minimum by enabling us to work efficiently on your legal matter. Bring all documents to the very first meeting with the attorney. Remember to be honest and candid with your attorney about the facts, both the good and the bad. Try to keep emotion out of your descriptions of facts and events. Keep your phone calls to a minimum and stick to pertinent questions. And finally, think of The Silverbach Group when you need affordable quality legal representation.



    For additional information regarding financing for your next case, contact our legal team today! We are always here to help and work diligently to get your case resolved in a timely manner. Review all of our areas of practice here.


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