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  • July 4th Celebrations Can Get You in Serious Trouble

    Written on July 3, 2014

    Common Problems for Arrests Made on July 4th Throughout Metro Atlanta

    10403297_875643169129844_2966732398363894738_nThe holiday that celebrates our independence is supposed to be harmless fun for everyone. It is, however, one of the biggest evenings for arrests in the metro Atlanta area. There are several ways that someone can get into trouble, by just over-indulging in the fun.

    2861649354_76a0e9d8faBUI: This is an abbreviation for Boating Under the Influence of alcohol. The metro Atlanta area has several lakes, and this is where BUI becomes a serious offense. A B.U.I. arrest can be held against you and your driving record, just as much as if it were on the road or highway. You have to drive carefully on the water and observe the “no wake” zone and the surrounding boats on the lake so that you never put anyone in harm’s way. Local police in Acworth and Kennesaw are serious about DUI charges. Getting arrested for a BUI will get your boat impounded, and can get you put in jail. This carries steep fines, and possibly extended jail time. Be careful on the water this July 4th! Drink responsibly while on the water.

    DUI: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol is also a serious offense. Not only does alcohol impair your driving, your response time, and your thought process, it will surely effect your driving record! A DUI arrest can take up to 10 years to get off of your driving record (depending on the severity of the charge). Never drink and drive. The severity of this charge will affect you and your driving record, and may get your license taken away immediately.

    Reckless Conduct: This term can cover a lot of things, and is almost used as a “blanket term” from police to describe disorderly conduct. On July fourth, it’s easy to lose control of some fireworks and cause problems in a residential neighborhood, then have the police called to investigate. Fireworks make people nervous, and they also sound like gunshots. Be careful whenever you are around fireworks. They can cause a fire hazard and get you in serious trouble with local Cobb County or Cherokee county law enforcement.

    DUI Lawyer Kennesaw GaOpen Container or Public Drunkenness: Drinking too much alcohol is always a problem in the areas surrounding the metro Atlanta area, and public drunkenness occurs on a regular basis. However, on a big holiday like July 4th, this occurs even more! When local citizens get too drunk to drive home, lose their friends in the crowd, and wander around, sometimes police have no choice but to take them to jail and let them sleep it off. Charges for this will vary, based on the situation, but it can get you in serious trouble! It is especially difficult if you cannot remember what events took place, or what you were even involved with. It makes it very tough to defend yourself with no memory of the event. Don’t lose track of your group on July fourth. Atlanta is a big city with a lot of traffic, and this will only confuse you if you have been drinking.


    If you or a friend are arrested from July 4th events, a July 4th party or other events surrounding Independence day in Metro Atlanta, call The Silverbach Group to assist you with your defense: 770-635-0334