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  • What To Do If You Are Involved in an Auto Accident

    Written on November 13, 2014

    Auto accidents are an everyday part of life in the Atlanta area. Rush hour traffic, both on highways and side streets, can be a treacherous maze of vehicles. Let’s face it, not everyone in this city is a good driver. At some point, whether it’s on the way to work or the grocery store, it’s likely that you are going to be involved in some sort of accident.

    If you are involved in a wreck, be sure to call the police no matter the severity of the damage. It may be tempting to exchange information with the other driver and contact the insurance company later. If the accident is minor and there aren’t any injuries, the police may not be there quickly depending on what else is going on. That would leave you waiting on the side of the road.

    Just because the other driver has an insurance card doesn’t mean their insurance is still valid. If they do have valid insurance and were at fault, their insurance company isn’t going to be jumping up and down to fix your car without a police report. They may tell you they were at fault right after the accident, but that doesn’t mean they will stick to that story when the insurance companies are involved. If you have been in an accident and are having trouble with an insurance company, call The Silverbach Group for assistance. We are experienced attorneys who are used to dealing with insurance companies and their lawyers. We can help!

    There are several laws in Georgia that apply to accidents. Specifically, these laws cover the failure to report an accident. The penalties to your driving privileges, wallet, and freedom can be very harsh.

    Hit and run: If you are involved in an accident, you are lawfully required to stop and give your name, address, and registration number. Fleeing the scene of an accident, or not giving correct information, will get you into trouble. If the accident causes the death of or serious injury to another, and you flee, it is a felony. That could mean jail time and hefty fines.

    Duty upon striking unattended vehicle: What should you do if you back into a parked vehicle? If the car isn’t occupied, the law requires you to either locate the owner or place a written notice providing your name and address in a conspicuous place. Although the law allows you to leave a note, it is still a good idea to call the police and at least have a record of the incident even if officers don’t respond. If the note you leave blows away, and someone saw you hit the car, it will come down to your word whether or not you left your information. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    Duty upon striking a fixture: This applies to property damage. If you hit someone else’s mailbox, fence, or even a street sign, you are required by law to notify the owner. It’s never a good idea to just leave, even if there doesn’t appear to be any damage.

    If you have been involved in an automobile accident, whether it involves injuries or not, and feel you may be facing charges, contact The Silverbach Group today. We are here for immediate consultation and assistance. You can reach us at (770) 635-0334.