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  • New Gun Law in Georgia: The Safe Carry Act

    Written on June 17, 2014

    This past Spring, the law in Georgia changed in regard to who can carry a gun in public, and where they can take them. Licensed owners with a permit can now carry a concealed weapon, after July 1. The Safe Carry Protection Act new law, goes into effect on July 1. The governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, has already signed this law and plans have been made to carry it forward.

    assault-chargesGeorgia law highlights two distinct areas when it comes to having a concealed weapon (with a license).

    1. Public events/gatherings: This is defined as Athletic or sporting events, churches or church functions, political rallies, any government building and bars (not necessarily restaurants with bars in them). Customers can currently bring guns into a bar if the owner allows it. Under the current law, carrying a gun at any location, designated as a public place, is a misdemeanor.

    2. Schools and Educational Facilities: It is against the law to carry any weapon within 1,000 feet of property owned by a public or private school. Violation of this law is a felony. With recent events of school violence involving firearms, this is a very touchy subject.

    The law Governor Deal signed includes several provisions that will now allow where a gun may now be carried.

    Bars: Customers may bring guns into bars unless the owner tells them to leave.

    Schools: Local school boards will vote on whether or not they want to allow their teachers and other staff members to be armed on school property. Specific training will be asked of them, if they choose to do so. Students and parents should never take a weapon inside, and this will not change.

    Churches: Church leaders can now decide whether to allow their members to bring guns into their buildings, including their services, as well as other church functions.

    Airports: Guns may now be carried in common areas of airports. You will still have to carry it through checkpoint, and there will be a modification made for those that qualify.

    Government buildings: Guns may now be brought into government buildings that don’t have security checkpoints or metal detectors.

    Criminal Defense Lawyer Kennesaw GAThis law is a controversial subject, and has been the subject of news headlines for months, in and out of Georgia. As with any type of law change, not everyone will agree with it, or be aware of it. That’s when you want to make sure your rights are protected.

    If you are carrying your weapon, and are licensed to have it, into an area where you are lawfully entitled to do so, you shouldn’t expect to have any problems. But if you do encounter an issue, or are even charged with a crime related to where you are carrying your gun, you will need effective legal counsel to protect you and your rights. If you need assistance with this issue, or any legal concerns, please contact the Silverbach Group at 770-635-0334.