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    Written on March 19, 2015


    Divorce Lawyer Kennesaw GaThe term “Family Law” is a broad term covering many areas in the legal realm. Any issue that pertains to marriage, family, and children could be a family law issue. If you need assistance with a marriage prenuptial agreement, or a divorce, both issues fall under the family law umbrella. If you need legal counsel to help you with a child adoption, an issue of juvenile delinquency, or even child neglect, an experienced family lawyer can help you make sense of your rights, and the rights of any minor children involved.

    If you need a will, want to establish a trust, or need an attorney to oversee the estate of a loved one, a family lawyer can help you understand how to proceed and show you the correct steps to take to protect your family members and any others involved in the estate planning and probate process.

    In general, a family lawyer can help you with any domestic issue, even if it involves receiving counseling for the issue at hand. Having a lawyer on your side before any events take place can save you heartache and give you peace of mind about your future.

    What Different Types of Cases Fall Under Family Law:

    • Domestic Issues: Family law generally covers issues pertaining to marriage, prenuptial agreements, domestic partnership agreements and dissolutions, divorce, child custody, alimony, child support amendments, adoption, legal rights of a minor child, legal rights of a parent, legal guardianship, and more. Almost any legal situation that relates to family and its relationships could be considered family law.
    • Wills, Trusts, and Estates: Making arrangements for the future by executing a new will, modifying a will, creating a living will or trust, or managing an estate all fall under the large family law umbrella. We can also offer counsel to assist a family or business owner that needs to know how to designate their estate assets appropriately, and ensure that each family member is accounted for in their plans.

    Often times, family law can involve some of the most stressful situations because there are many parties involved, and most, if not all, parties are related. You will need an experienced lawyer to handle these situations.

    How do you choose a lawyer to handle your family law issue?

    We understand that every case is different, as well as each situation. We handle these domestic and family law issues on a case-by-case basis, and are present with each client to discuss their case and learn what the issues are. We are available to help them in their situation, no matter what it may bring.

    Having The Silverbach Group as legal counsel can help you with any family law questions or concerns that may arise. Good legal advice can sometimes lead to a new solution to a tense situation, allowing for a mutual agreement between all parties involved.

    If you need family law assistance or have specific questions about your situation, call The Silverbach Group today at 770-635-0334.


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