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  • What Falls Under Texting and Driving?

    Written on August 25, 2015

    no text and driveIt’s a Fact: Texting While You Are at a Stop Light is Still Considered Driving & Texting!

    Now that school has resumed across the state, most drivers have probably noticed that traffic is a little heavier during the morning commute. School buses and high school students are on the road each morning which means traffic, which is already bad in Atlanta and its surrounding suburbs, is going to be just a little bit worse.

    It’s tempting, when your morning commute is slow, to pull out your cell phone and check your messages or emails. It’s even more tempting for those high school students that drive to school to shoot a quick text to their friends while driving. If you spend any amount of time driving in and around this city, you have surely seen people texting while driving. The police are watching this, too.

    The law in Georgia states that is illegal to “write, send or receive text based communications while operating a motor vehicle.” The important part of this code section is the word “operating.” If you are stopped at a traffic light, with the car in gear and your foot on the brake, you are operating the car. You can be pulled over and given a ticket for texting while stopped at a traffic light.

    It’s important to remind young drivers about the dangers of texting while driving. While a citation could be expensive and add points to a driver’s license, the likelihood of being involved an accident due to texting is the true danger. Below are some statistics from The National Highway Safety Administration and The Institute for Highway Safety.

    Texting & Driving: Comparisons & Dangers

    • 1.6 million accidents occur per year due to texting!
    • Texting while driving is the same as driving blind for five seconds!
    • Texting while driving is similar to driving after consuming four beers
    • 11 teen deaths happen every day because of texting while driving!

    There are a number of cell phone apps that can help texting while driving. A quick Internet search can give parents several app options to download on a child’s phone. Several of these apps, like Live2Txt, prevent messages from coming in when utilized. That would help keep young eyes on the road while driving and could also be helpful for those adults that just can’t wait to check messages no matter how dangerous it could be. State Farm and AT&T have similar apps available for download.

    If you have questions about the texting while driving law, or have received a ticket and would like to speak with an attorney, you should contact The Silverbach Group as soon as possible. The Silverbach Group is a full service law firm here for consultation and advice. You can reach us at 770-635-0334.


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