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  • What Is A Failure To Appear?

    Written on January 23, 2015

    Most people get a little upset when they get a traffic citation. Tickets can be costly and can cause insurance rates to go up. After you do get a ticket, however, if you put the ticket in the glove box of your car or someplace else and forget about it, that simple citation could cause even bigger problems for you.

    When you receive a ticket, you have the option of paying the fine or going to court. If you don’t pay the fine, and don’t go to court, a bench warrant for Failure To Appear will be issued for your arrest. Suddenly, a minor infraction like rolling through a stop sign or speeding could turn into a trip to jail! That means time spent behind bars as well as additional fines and court costs. You might not even know you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest.

    If you are pulled over for a traffic violation, the officer will run your name, discover the warrant, and arrest you. Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office may even come to your home looking for you. In many cases, if you don’t show up to court because of a traffic ticket, your driver’s license could be suspended in addition to the warrant being issued.

    It’s your responsibility to make sure the court has your correct address. It’s not uncommon for a court date to be changed. If that happens, you will be notified by mail. If your current address isn’t on file, there is a good chance you won’t receive the change of date notice. The judge won’t accept the excuse of: “I didn’t know my court date changed.”

    The most important thing you can do, if you are arrested, is to contact an attorney from The Silverbach Group. Not only will we provide you with experienced and effective legal counsel, we will keep you updated on your case and notify you when you need to be in court.

    It’s common for people who have been arrested to utilize a bail bondsman. If a bonding company posts your bail, and you don’t go to court, it’s taken very seriously. If a representative from the bonding company is unable to reach you, a bail recovery agent (bounty hunter) just may show up to your home or place of employment and take you into custody.

    As you can tell from the example above, it’s very important to go to court. Missing an appearance before a judge can have dire consequences. The attorneys at The Silverbach Group are here for you throughout the entire legal process. If you are in need of legal assistance, call us at (770) 635-0334.