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  • Are You Facing A Lawsuit? This May Answer a Few Questions…

    Written on April 3, 2015


    A lawsuit can be a very scary thing. If you are being sued, you undoubtedly have a number of questions and concerns. If you lose a lawsuit, or have a judgment against you, your finances and family could be affected for years to come.
    Generally, there are three basic types of lawsuits. Those are:

    Negligence and injuries: These lawsuits cover a variety of circumstances. If you slip and fall in a store and want to be compensated for missed time at work and medical bills, you could sue the business if you aren’t made a fair offer. The same is true for car accidents. Dealing with insurance companies isn’t any fun and sometimes the only way to get their attention is to take them to court. Pain and suffering could also be included in this type of court action.

    Contracts: A contractual dispute could involve a business that didn’t provide services that were paid for. It could also include a contract an individual entered into with a credit card company or bank. If those debts grow and aren’t addressed, it’s common for financial organizations to file a lawsuit in an attempt to recoup monies that are owed.

    Family Law: These types of actions generally involve divorce, custody and support issues.
    Individuals may also be served with contempt papers. That means some direction, issued by a judge, wasn’t followed. There will probably be a court date attached to the contempt notice. In some cases, a judge may issue a civil arrest order. That means a law enforcement officer can arrest you based solely on a civil matter.
    A lawsuit isn’t a problem that will go away if you ignore it. Civil papers are served by either a deputy or a civil processor. If you think you may be the target of a lawsuit, avoiding service of the papers is only prolonging the inevitable. In fact, that behavior could cause even more problems. If a judge finds you are deliberately “evading service,” he or she may automatically rule against you or even charge you with contempt.
    Instead of avoiding the lawsuit, you should contact The Silverbach Group immediately if you have been served with a lawsuit. It will benefit you in the long run to obtain legal counsel as soon as possible. We are a firm of experienced attorneys here to help. If you have been sued, or are considering filing a lawsuit, call us today. You can reach us at 770-635-0334.


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