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  • Experienced Business Lawyer Can Assist with Company Sales, Mergers, Successions and Owner Splits

    Written on December 23, 2014

    Business-LawyerMorris (Maury) A. Nunes brings a wealth of expertise and experience to The Silverbach Group. Maury has practiced law for 39 years in the Washington, D.C. area, before moving to Georgia. In Washington, he specialized in business law, business counseling and transactional work.

    Maury’s practice focuses on representing and counseling privately held businesses, professional practices and their respective owners, as well as non-profit organizations and trade associations. He is experienced in counseling on business strategies, tax issues, organizational documents and contracts (both specific and templates or forms).

    When a company merges or splits off, or spins off a division, correct documentation is critical to maximize tax, liability and future operations issues, with the interests of all parties properly understood. Similar legal needs arise when an owner is leaving the business or owners are each taking parts of the business and going their separate ways. Mr. Nunes has dealt at length with such matters.

    Mr. Nunes also works frequently on Company reorganizations, another potentially tricky area. Reorganization embraces sale, subsidiarization of divisions, mergers with affiliates or creation of affiliates (i.e. companies under common ownership, sometimes called brother-sister entities). It is also the conversion of entities from one form to another such as from a limited liability company to a corporation or transfer to a different or multiple jurisdictions. There are tax and liability traps to be avoided and sometimes opportunities for tax and cost savings. Choosing the right legal professional can make all the difference.

    Business-LawyersMr. Nunes is aware of the need for counsel to yield outcomes that are profitable to the client and the business. He says, “I believe the lawyer should be a profit center. Sometimes those profits come from avoiding trouble, sometimes by crafting creatively advantageous ways to exploit business opportunities. The goal is to place the client in a position to capitalize on the future.”

    If a merger, sale or other extraordinary transaction or reorganization is being considered by your company’s owner(s), call The Silverbach Group today for a consultation with experienced business law professional Morris A. Nunes.

    morris-nunes-squareYou can read more about Mr. Nunes at this link:

    A brief summary: Maury A. Nunes is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, where he concentrated in finance and accounting. He is the author of 5 business and legal books, including, among others, Balance Sheet Management, The Right Price for Your Business, Basic Legal Forms for Business, and Operational Cash Flow Management and Control, and the Property Maintenance Log Book. He is at work on his 6th book at this time. You can find out more about Maury, his education and his background at this link: