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  • DUI: What You Don’t Know

    Written on March 4, 2016

    Did you know DUI convictions can stay on your driving record for life? If you are convicted in a court of law from operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol level of over 0.08% or higher, you face many penalties, including (but not limited to)

    • A suspended license for up to 1 year
    • Heavy fines
    • Fees to reinstate your license
    • 40 hours of mandatory community service work
    • Possible imprisonment
    • Completion of an accredited DUI education program
    • Possible limited driving permit

    The penalties listed above are for a first offense of persons age 21 and older. The penalties for a second (or third) offense, or for those under age 21 are much more severe.

    For example, a third offense for someone over the age of 21 carries a penalty of a revoked license for 5 years and a personal photograph with the name and phone number published in the offender’s local newspaper (which is the individual’s responsibility to pay for).

    Regardless of age or type of charge, The Silverbach Group HIGHLY recommends that DUI charges be challenged in court with an experienced attorney by your side.

    The Silverbach Group has experience with DUI cases in Cobb County Georgia and can help you get through this. A DUI conviction can carry much more than hefty fines and court time: it may even affect your current or future employment!

    DUI offenders could end up losing much more than money or jobs—the worst case scenario is causing bodily injury to someone else, or causing a fatal injury. Of course, the best decision is not to drink and drive at all. Decide on a designated driver before a night out, or check out services like or, many of which offer free rides home.

    Don’t go to court alone: Call the Silverbach Group today and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced DUI lawyers. Call 770-635-0334


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