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  • Getting Divorced? Make Sure You’ve Made These 3 Phone Calls

    Written on December 22, 2015

    Attorneys dedicated to your case.Like many attorneys who deal with family law, we notice an upsurge in the amount of divorce applications at the beginning of the year—particularly January. Whether your spouse wanted to stay together through the holidays for the sake of the children, or perhaps you want to begin the New Year with a fresh start, be sure you have made all three of these calls before you ask for a divorce from your spouse:

    Calls You Need to Make When Going Through a Divorce:

    1. Call a licensed counselor.
    Many people file for divorce out of anger or resentment, making what should be a logical decision, into an emotional one. Enlist the services of a professional counselor—or at the very least a divorce support group—to help you think through and process your decision before you move forward.
    They can be a voice of reason during a difficult time, or a shoulder to lean on when it’s needed most.
    2. Consult with a financial expert.
    Finances are, of course, a huge part of marital strife and are always in the top 5 reasons people file for divorce in the first place. Be sure you have your ducks in a row before proceeding with your decision. Things like income taxes, social security, retirement plans, health, home, and auto insurance all need to be evaluated by a professional before you make your next move. Your attorney will need some of this information for their paperwork, as well. To truly understand what is involved, you may need assistance to avoid feeling overwhelmed, and so that you don’t miss important details.
    3. Call a divorce attorney.
    While many divorces start out rather amicably, many end up as quite the opposite. Be sure you have the Silverbach Group in your corner to protect your rights, your finances, and the custody of your children before you go to court. There are many nuances of divorce, and it is something you never want to navigate alone. The Silverbach Group deals in family law everyday, and we will be there to support you in your decision during this troublesome and emotional period.

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