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  • I Want a Divorce

    Written on December 11, 2015

    Divorce Lawyer Kennesaw GaThose four words are surely the last thing anyone wants to hear (or say), and for many people, navigating through these uncharted waters can be confusing, if not downright terrifying. And if you and your spouse have children, the process can become much more involved and emotional.

    Divorce can be a lengthy process, but at the Silverbach Group, we streamline the process to make this difficult situation be over as quickly as possible.

    An attorney at the Silverbach Group will guide you the entire process, which generally goes in this order:

    • A petition for divorce filed by one spouse
    • A response from the other spouse
    • A temporary hearing in court
    • A period of discovery
    • A mandatory mediation session. If the case does not resolve, then
    • A trial

    If you are ready to pursue a divorce and you want immediate answers, you will need to discuss the matters on our detailed questionnaire, or read over it to be prepared for those questions. (If you would like a copy of this important document, please call our office). The court will need in writing your plans for the following…

    Child custody: Sole or joint? What type of schedule will you agree to (every other week)? What about holidays? Who will arrange transportation between homes?
    • Decisions regarding children: Who will make decisions regarding the child’s education, non-emergency healthcare, and religious upbringing?
    • Alimony and child support: Who will pay it, how much, and how often?
    • Real estate and other personal property: Who will retain ownership of the home and personal possessions? What about vehicles?

    The divorce process can certainly seem overwhelming, especially considering it is such an emotional issue. Rest assured that our legal team at the Silverbach Group handles family law every single day and are very familiar with the legal system.

    Trust our experienced attorneys to guide you through it. We know how to work with families with children, couples that want an uncontested divorce, or even assist with a divorce agreement that is mutually agreeable for both sides.


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