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  • If Divorce Is the Only Way….

    Written on September 16, 2015

    20144915_ml A divorce can hit a family hard. Some couples see it coming and can prepare, while others are completely blind-sided when they hear their partners say those words, “I want a divorce.” During those times, emotions can get in the way of permanent judgements that will have long term effects on your life. The legal system doesn’t always work in your favor. This is why you need a lawyer who will stand by your side and explain every legal process to you, in detail. You want to know the options that you have, and the effects they will have to your life.

    For people with divorce cases, television shows are not a good standard of what to expect when you go to court with your case. Each divorce case is different and will be handled differently depending on a variety of factors. At The Silverbach Group, we handle both contested and non-contested divorces. We are experienced in the most important categories, such as; child support and custody, division of assists, and alimony. A financial burden is the last thing you need to worry about during this turning point in your life. However, the financial impact of a divorce will have a major impact on the lifestyle of both parties involved.

    During the first initial consultation, you should expect your attorney to provide you with an overview of what to anticipate during your divorce process based on your particular situation. Matters that would pertain to the divorce, any children involved, division of assets and liabilities, support for you and the children, and related attorney fees and costs are all issues that would be discussed between you and your attorney.

    As a client, you will also need to be prepared to tell your attorney the truth about why you want a divorce, or why the divorce is being carried out by your spouse. At The Silverbach Group, we’re here to listen, help, and take action.


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