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  • Crime Trends To Be Aware Of

    Written on October 1, 2015

    It’s the time of year when summer starts winding down and autumn is just around the corner. There isn’t any shortage of activities to enjoy in the area as temperatures cool and fall gets into full swing. There are a number of local festivals, concerts, Halloween activities and football games to enjoy. Any time there is a large crowd, as well as the consumption of alcohol, there is the potential for trouble to arise.
    Anyone who has been to an event where there is a crowd knows it’s not uncommon for tempers to flare. If alcohol is involved, things can go downhill quickly. There are a number of laws in Georgia that can land people in hot water with the police for behaving badly in public.

    Disorderly conduct: This is really a “catchall” charge for bad behavior. The statute includes:
    • Acts in a violent or tumultuous manner towards another person whereby such person is placed in reasonable fear for their safety.
    • Uses abuse words, without provocation, that could incite an immediate breach of the peace.
    • Uses obscene, vulgar or profane language in the presence of a person under the age of 14.
    If someone is causing a problem in public, it’s not hard for the police to articulate an arrest for disorderly conduct. Anyone can lose their temper, but it’s important to maintain your composure. Disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor.
    Criminal Defense Lawyer in Kennesaw GALoitering or prowling: You could find yourself in trouble if you are hanging around somewhere you shouldn’t be. Loitering, which is a misdemeanor, is defined as being somewhere at a place or time where a law abiding citizen shouldn’t be. Much like disorderly conduct, it’s not tough for the authorities to make a case for loitering or prowling.
    Simple battery: Any physical contact with another person, of an insulting or provoking nature, can result in the misdemeanor charge of simple battery. A simple shove or even intentionally bumping into another person can result in a trip to jail. If you are at an event with lots of other people, and a confrontation arises, it’s always best to walk away. It’s much better to let cooler heads prevail than to find yourself in handcuffs.
    The attorneys at The Silverbach Group can help if you have been arrested for any criminal charge. We are an experienced law firm here to listen to your side of the story. If you do have a criminal charge pending, it’s important to contact us immediately. You don’t want to talk to the prosecutor or the judge alone. You can reach us at 770-635-0334.


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