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  • Going to Court? Don’t Go Alone…Take an Attorney With You!

    Written on September 29, 2015

    The wheels of justice don’t always turn quickly. If you have experience navigating the legal system, chances are you discovered things move very slowly. The best way to expedite a journey through the courts, whether it is a criminal or civil case, is to have a knowledgeable attorney working for you.

    The attorneys at The Silverbach Group have the experience to resolve your case quickly and give you the best possible outcome. If you have a court appearance coming up, we don’t recommend you stand before the judge alone. Your first call should be to The Silverbach Group.

    Court schedules in counties like Cobb and Fulton are usually jam packed. It’s not unusual for scheduled court appearance to be postponed for weeks. A pending legal matter can be extremely stressful. Constant delays can cause an incredible amount of stress. An attorney from The Silverbach Group will consult with you and give you the best advice possible. We will also work with the prosecutor and court system to resolve your case as soon as possible. We won’t let your case languish on needless for weeks.

    One thing you should also know: Probation hearings are commonly delayed. If a loved one is in jail for a probation violation, a revocation hearing is the only way to get out. In most cases, for minor violations, the probationer will be released after the hearing. The challenge is actually having the hearing before days or months are spent behind bars. An attorney will contact the probation officer, as well as petitioning the court, to keep things moving quickly and efficiently.

    The more complex your case, the longer it may take. Criminal cases, depending on the charge, could drag on for months or even years. Evidence is gathered and motions are filed before a case ever goes to trial. If you have a criminal case pending, an attorney will make sure you are treated fairly.

    Most of us have no interest in a prolonged court case. That includes everything from traffic tickets to civil matters. If you attempt to maneuver the legal system alone, it could be a very long ordeal. Your first call should be to The Silverbach Group. We are always available for questions and consultation. You can reach us at 770-635-0334.


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