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  • Child Support: Understanding Rights

    Written on February 9, 2016

    Divorce is clearly an emotionally charged situation, particularly when children are involved. If you find yourself in a position where the non-custodial parent is failing at his or her duties to pay court-ordered monies and you need to support your children, you will want to consider an attorney to protect your rights, and more importantly, to get you the money your family deserves.

    In many jurisdictions, there is no need for a marriage in order for a non-present parent to pay child support, so don’t be misled thinking you have no case to request child support if you and the child’s parent never tied the knot—the only thing you need is evidence of paternity/maternity.

    There are many laws to sift through in understanding child support, and rights and responsibilities vary greatly based on jurisdiction. Don’t try and tackle this mountain alone: our lead attorney, Ted Silverbach, is not only an experienced family law attorney, but he is a husband and father as well, and he sincerely desires to see all children be given the care and support they deserve.

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