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  • Have You Been Charged With a BUI?

    Written on July 11, 2014

    2861649354_76a0e9d8faWe all know that drinking and driving don’t mix. Boating under the influence is a “DUI” charge on the water. There are steep penalties associated with both of these charges. If you have been drinking alcohol, you can be charged with a BUI on any motorized water vehicle, as well as one without a motor (kayak or row boat).

    One reason that BUI’s happen so often is from the very nature of the relaxed atmosphere of boating on the water. It’s easy to drink too much when you are relaxed and having fun. Having too much to drink is more difficult to comprehend on water. Alcohol effects your judgment, balance and coordination.

    When you are driving on the water, it’s easy to misjudge the limits of speed, and the impact from the waves. Water becomes dangerous when you are intoxicated, so law enforcement monitors the Georgia lakes closely, and takes those charges seriously.

    If you are suspected of a BUI, you will be pulled over. You will be asked to perform a few sobriety tests, and then a chemical test (like a Breathalyzer) to determine your Blood Alcohol Level. If you refuse to take the tests, your license can be suspended or revoked for up to a year. By refusing to get tested with a chemical test (Breathalyzer) your boating privileges will also be taken away.

    There is a term known as “presumption of guilt”. This term means that if you do in fact have a blood alcohol content of .08% or more, you are presumed as boating under the influence. This charge will get you arrested immediately.

    cuffsIf you are found guilty of a BUI charge, you will be subject to the county fines. Jail time and probation could be in your future. All counties consider BUI and DUI to be a very serious charge, especially if you have been arrested for and charged with BUI or DUI in the past. Your past driving record will be a factor in your case.

    If you are arrested for a BUI on Lake Allatoona, or other Georgia Lake, get the best defense you can from a highly skilled and experienced lawyer. The Silverbach Group can assist you in your defense with a boating under the influence charge. With BUI or DIU, your driving privileges are at stake. Don’t fight it alone, call The Silverbach Group.