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  • Legal Blog: Trespass

    Privacy Laws: What You Need to Know in Georgia

    Privacy is something that has been in the news lately. Earlier this month, certain sections of The Patriot Act expired which had allowed the federal government and other law enforcement agencies the right to monitor communications and telephone records of millions of citizens.  There are a number of other privacy rights and issues that could Read More

    What Happens in a Temporary Protection Order? What are Stalking Laws?

    When a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) is issued by a judge, it is intended to keep one person from contacting another. A TPO is typically issued in cases of stalking, harassment or bullying. It is used if someone feels threatened by another and has personal safety concerns. If you know someone who has been served Read More

    Criminal Trespassing Laws in Georgia

    Criminal Trespassing in Georgia covers a wide range of circumstances and scenarios. It’s not always black and white. There are a number of subsections related to this area of the law. Let’s start at the beginning: The first part of the law code, and one which frequently leads to arrest, states that a person commits Read More