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    Vehicle Coverage: Do You Have Enough Insurance?

    If you have spent any time driving around metro Atlanta you know the city has some of the worst traffic congestion in the country. Maneuvering the streets and highways in Atlanta and its suburbs can be an adventure. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports 2,443,000 people were injured in accidents in 2015, with 35,092 Read More

    What Falls Under Texting and Driving?

    It’s a Fact: Texting While You Are at a Stop Light is Still Considered Driving & Texting! Now that school has resumed across the state, most drivers have probably noticed that traffic is a little heavier during the morning commute. School buses and high school students are on the road each morning which means traffic, Read More

    Heavy Spring Rains Cause More Car Accidents

    During the rainy season, wet roads wreak havoc on city drivers. We can’t get to work on time when it rains, and during our commute, on at least one of the highways, we drive by a car accident. With all the local traffic, we have to be on high alert when driving on these wet Read More

    Have You Been Injured In a Car Accident?

    Atlanta is famous for a number of things. The city is known for its sports teams, activities, and a blossoming population. Atlanta is also known for something else: traffic. If you live in the city, or one of its many suburbs, you have no doubt seen just how snarled traffic can become. The number of Read More