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    Privacy Laws: What You Need to Know in Georgia

    Privacy is something that has been in the news lately. Earlier this month, certain sections of The Patriot Act expired which had allowed the federal government and other law enforcement agencies the right to monitor communications and telephone records of millions of citizens.  There are a number of other privacy rights and issues that could Read More

    Terroristic Threats: Be Careful What You Say

    Terroristic threats is an offense in Georgia that can often leave those accused of it confused, or even in shock. The confusion doesn’t just stem from being charged with a crime, but charged with a very serious felony. According to the law in Georgia, the crime of “terroristic threats” is defined as “threatening to commit Read More

    Terroristic Threats: Be Careful What You Say!

    There is an old saying that goes: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” That may be true, but certain words at certain times can land you in serious trouble! Free speech is protected in the United States under the First Amendment. Most people know, though, that you can’t Read More