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    How Long Does a Divorce Take?

    This is often a question I hear from my clients, and unfortunately, there is no single answer. The process of divorce is affected by many variables, including whether you and your spouse agree on terms of separation. Sensitive issues such as child custody, financial agreements, and more will all have to be addressed. This all Read More

    Divorce: Breaking the News to your Children

    Divorce is a very difficult time for a married couple, but when young children are in the picture, it makes the situation much more complex and emotional. At the Silverbach Group, we have led many families through this difficult process and wanted to offer some advice of how to speak to your children about this Read More

    Child Support: Understanding Rights

    Divorce is clearly an emotionally charged situation, particularly when children are involved. If you find yourself in a position where the non-custodial parent is failing at his or her duties to pay court-ordered monies and you need to support your children, you will want to consider an attorney to protect your rights, and more importantly, Read More

    If Divorce Is the Only Way….

     A divorce can hit a family hard. Some couples see it coming and can prepare, while others are completely blind-sided when they hear their partners say those words, “I want a divorce.” During those times, emotions can get in the way of permanent judgements that will have long term effects on your life. The legal Read More

    Divorce with Children: 5 Things You Must Know!

    Divorce is one of the hardest things that anyone can ever go through. If you have ever lost someone close to you that who passed away, the pain of divorce is comparable to the pain of a death in the family. Divorce is like a personal death. The pain from losing them, especially if it Read More

    When Divorce is the Only Option…

    Divorce can take a serious toll on all those involved, both emotionally and financially. If children are involved, the situation can become even more difficult to deal with.  Marriage is meant to last for years and years. In fact, it’s in the vows: “Until death do us part.” The reality is, however, that many marriages Read More

    Family Law Practice: The Silverbach Group

      The term “Family Law” is a broad term covering many areas in the legal realm. Any issue that pertains to marriage, family, and children could be a family law issue. If you need assistance with a marriage prenuptial agreement, or a divorce, both issues fall under the family law umbrella. If you need legal Read More

    What Is A Garnishment?

    For many people, debt is an unfortunate reality of life. Mortgage payments, car payments, credit card bills, and student loan obligations can all add up to huge payments each month. For some, these debts can be overwhelming. At times, if you are in this type of situation, you may have to choose which bills to Read More

    Do You Need Help with Child Support Recovery?

    The Silverbach Group has experience in collecting on past-due child support. In some situations, there is of no up-front cost to you. We know how important it is to have consistent support payments coming in to help you raise your family! We are here to help you with legal guidance and advice. There are several Read More