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  • The Silverbach Group Wins Trucking Accident Case

    Silverbach Case Study: Personal Injury Case Review


    While driving on the interstate under normal road conditions, the client we will refer to as “Michelle” was rear-ended by a semi-truck at a relatively high speed. In addition to the severe damage to her vehicle, due to the impact of the collision she was left with severe back injuries.

    After the accident, Michelle went to the Emergency Room, incurring substantial medical bills, and needed to see an orthopedist and chiropractor for regular visits. She began a treatment plan for her injuries, taking nearly six months to make a full recovery.

    After her six months of treatment, Michelle attempted to work out a settlement with the trucking company. Time continued to pass, and the client was only able to speak with a third-party claims adjuster about her case. She could not achieve any sort of reasonable settlement with the adjuster for the accident. It appeared to her that the adjuster did not give her case, or the injuries from the accident, any serious consideration.

    Michelle was only offered to be reimbursed for her out-of-pocket medical costs and offer a small amount for her pain and suffering. At the same time, she was being harassed by bill collectors and even her own health insurance company, who wanted to be reimbursed themselves! Due to these issues, Michelle didn’t agree to the low settlement they offered or sign any paperwork releasing the trucking company from its responsibilities.

    After approximately six more months had passed, making it almost a year since the accident had originally occurred, Michelle was tired of trying to handle her case on her own. At this point, she called The Silverbach Group for legal representation for her auto accident case.


    The case was settled out of court in a timely manner once The Silverbach Group got involved. After researching the details of the case, getting copies of her medical records and bills, understanding her recovery time, the severity of her injuries, and the loss in quality of life, The Silverbach Group submitted a new demand for Michelle’s case to the third-party adjuster. The new offer that we submitted was much higher than what the adjuster had originally offered her.

    After negotiating at length over the details of the case, with the prospect of a federal lawsuit looming, the adjuster agreed to a settlement that fairly compensated Michelle for her injuries. With the help of the Silverbach Group, she walked away with medical treatment of her condition, all her medical bills paid in full, all necessary reimbursements paid in full, and received nearly ten times more money in her pocket than what she was initially offered.

    For more information about this case or your own case, please contact The Silverbach Group today. We are here to help you fight for your case and gain the results you deserve.