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    Professional Legal Counsel

    Hiring The Silverbach Group to represent you in court brings many advantages to your case. Our attorneys will provide you with not only the professional knowledge surrounding your case, but also offer you legal advice throughout court hearings to best guide your case down the right path. Avoid common mistakes in advance by understanding how hiring an attorney can help your case.

    Domestic Partnership Agreements

    LGBT Attorney Domestic Partnership

    Though the current legal climate for same-sex couples seems to be rapidly shifting around the country, Georgia is a state in which same-sex couples are still barred from entering into a legal marriage. So how do you and your partner protect yourselves and your union? Domestic Partnership Agreements are one way that you and your partner can protect your interests. A Domestic Partnership Agreement is essentially a contract wherein you and your partner detail your desires with respect to your separate and shared property.

    Don’t wait around to see whether Georgia will allow same-sex marriage. Protect your and your partner’s interests today! Call The Silverbach Group to speak to an experienced attorney.

    Co-Parenting Agreements

    Family Law Lawyers Co-Parenting

    The safety and protection of your child(ren)’s day-to-day existence should out-weight all your concerns. As a father, lead attorney Ted Silverbach is an activist for children. His focus is on helping couples make the correct choices when it comes to their child(ren)’s future living conditions.

    Wills & Trusts

    Wills and Trusts

    What would happen if you passed away without a Will?

    The government would decide who would get your assets and in what proportions! Is this what you want? Such a situation would cause unbelievable financial and emotional distress on your family and loved ones. Also, if you pass away without a Will, nothing can be done to correct it. The law is the law. Unfortunately almost half of all people die without a Will in the United States every year.

    Durable Powers of Attorney

    Durable Powers of Attorney

    If I cannot legally make decisions on loved ones’ behalf, who can?

    The government will determine what is best for your loved ones! Fortunately if you do not have a Durable Power of Attorney, you can still get the right to make decisions concerning your spouse, parents, etc. You can go to the Probate Court and request the proper documents to fill out so that you will be granted the right to make the decisions for your loved ones until such time as they are well again. However, you will be required to complete quite a lot of paperwork. Also, the Judge decides whether you will be given this right and he can grant this right to another person who may not be a family member!

    Advanced Healthcare Directives

    Advanced Healthcare Directives

    A Living Will can save you money and heartache

    Modern medicine saves lives, but in some cases the quality of life may not be what you want. Over 1.4 million Americans survive only through persistent use of feeding tubes and 30,000 remain comatose and in vegetative states ( U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment ). This can be a tremendous financial and emotional burden on our loved ones. If you are not able to make your own health care decisions, having an Advanced Healthcare Directive can help ease the pain by having your wishes honored.