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    Professional Legal Counsel

    Hiring The Silverbach Group to represent you in court brings many advantages to your case. Our attorneys will provide you with not only the professional knowledge surrounding your case, but also offer your legal advice throughout court hearings to best guide your case down the right path. Avoid common mistakes in advance by understanding how hiring a attorney can help your case.

    Divorce Cases

    Divorce Kennesaw GA

    In challenging divorce cases, The Silverbach Group is your legal advocate. Whether your divorce is contested or not, you need expert legal representation.

    Custody Representation

    Family Law Lawyers Kennesaw Ga

    The safety and protection of your child(ren)’s day-to-day existence should out-weight all your concerns. As a father, lead attorney Ted Silverbach is an activist for children. His focus is on helping couples make the correct choices when it comes to their child(ren)’s future living conditions.

    Alimony & Child Support


    How much alimony and child support are you entitled to? Not receiving your child support on time or not at all? We will help you recover any amount you are owed and work with the court too assure you receive your support on time.


    criminal defense lawyers kennesaw ga

    Are you NOT receiving the settlement you deserve? Court orders, whether a child support settlement or alimony, is legally binding. Failure to comply is considered contempt of court, and you have recourse. Contact The Silverbach Group today if you are not receiving your full settlement.


    For additional information in regards to your case, contact the professionals on The Silverbach Group Attorneys today. We are here to help and fight for you and gain the results you deserve.
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