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  • Is Your Business Ready for 2015? Make Plans Now To Make Changes That Benefit You

    Written on January 5, 2015

    imagesYQNGV7YOThe economy proved to be much stronger in 2014 than in the last 5 years. A lot of startup companies began in 2012-2014 and saw growth before the end of the year. With our economy holding steady, now is the time to prepare for 2015 by making sure your business is legally incorporated, appropriately divided amongst the co-owners, or represented correctly on legal documents for this coming year. If you need assistance making the appropriate documents for your business, we can help.

    Making Changes in Your Business for the New Year

    The start of a new year can be the beginning of major changes for you or your business. Perhaps you are planning on selling the business, changing careers, or even retirement. If you are pursuing a new business idea, the sale of a business or a redirection of a current business, we can assist you by helping you move into a new direction in the most effective way.

    There are lots of details that need to be considered under the umbrella of tax laws, when you sell, split or re-direct a business. Before you make major changes with your business, you will need direction for the future so that you know which moves to make, and when it is best to make them. Avoid future problems and fees with the appropriate advice to move you into the New Year with a new business plan. The Silverbach Group can be your corporate legal advisors, saving you time and money in future business dealings.

    Making Changes in Your Estate

    When you make changes for the future to your designations or for estate appropriations, it is best to have the help of a legal advisor to make decisions and file the final documents for you. These large decisions will be life-changing to the beneficiaries, so when you make choices for the future you want to be sure they reflect your wishes. Having legal documents (like a will or trust) drawn up for you and your family will put your mind at ease and give you closure, knowing that your assets will be handled in the right way. Be sure to review your will for changes that need to be made or additional details that need to be listed.

    imagesJA2WNWFFSeeking Legal Counsel Is a Smart Decision!

    There are lots of ways that a legal advisor can help you in business, personal and corporate matters. When a legal decision is at stake, and will affect your personal finances, your job, your company or your personal life, we suggest that you take the time to get legal counsel. Getting a second opinion before you decide on life’s major decisions will help you know that you made the right choice, or save you from making a bad one. Call The Silverbach Group today to schedule an appointment with a legal advisor.