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  • Uncontested Divorce

    Ted Silverbach and the Silverbach group has helped me in both my divorce and a situation that was beyond my control. In both cases, I was THRILLED with the outcome. Ted and his team are very knowledgeable about the law and are always well prepared. There is no doubt I would refer Ted and his team to anyone needed legal counsel.

    At Silverbach Group, our professional attorney’s in Kennesaw, GA are here to fully provide you with the professionalism and knowledge you need to help settle your uncontested divorce. We strive to make this process as easy on both you and your family as much as possible. Getting started by understanding what an uncontested divorce process can do for both you and your family is priority number one. Since uncontested divorce is negotiated by you and your spouse, it is important to seek legal advice so you both know your rights and obligations before finalizing an agreement.

    What is Uncontested Divorce?

    Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Kennesaw GALike most divorces, they are settled in court to resolve the many disagreements that can occur. This is where uncontested divorce differs from your traditional divorce cases. Uncontested divorce is when two spouses can reach an agreement outside of trial and reach a mutual agreement. Divorces can be expensive and a lengthy process. Any time divorce becomes an option for you and your spouse, trying to work it out outside of court first is ideal for any family situation. Going through the uncontested divorce process helps spouses find closure without hostility and within a timely manner.

    Why do I need an attorney’s help?

    Having an Uncontested Divorce lawyer present to handle your divorce, whether it is uncontested or not, is important because it offers an opportunity for you to completely understand your legal rights and obligations throughout the pre-trial process. In addition to understanding your legal rights and obligations, hiring a professional attorney to represent you is vital for the following situations:

    • If your spouse has a legal attorney to represent them
    • If there are financials situations that are not easily settled
    • Custody of children
    • If either of your have unsettled debt to divide
    • Difficult arrangements regarding marital property

    It is always recommended that you consult with a legal professional attorney before entering any agreements with your spouse. Having legal help will help to solidify final decisions.

    Am I an ideal candidate for the uncontested divorce option?

    If you and your spouse both agree on

    • How you will divide all personal assets
    • Who will be responsible for each joint liability and debt
    • Who the children will live with, when and where
    • How much will be paid for child support and by whom
    • Have an agreement on visitation schedules and rules
    • If one spouse is paying alimony to the other and how much

    Then yes, you are able to take advantage of our Uncontested Divorce processes and rates. Our lawyer’s are here to help make this process as easy as possible for you both. If you are both willing to work together to not only find closure, but also agree upon a settlement for your family, then our Uncontested Divorce process is ideal for you.

    Uncontested Divorce process and our Flat Fee Rates

    • No minor children or property    $750.00  + court fees*
    • Property only or minor children           $1000.00  + court fees*
    • With minor children and property       $1,250.00  + court fees*       

    There are no other hidden fees or charges. Court and Service fees vary from county to county.

    *Court Fees 2013: Cherokee $207.50, Cobb $218.50, Paulding $207.00

     For additional information regarding your Uncontested Divorce case, contact our Kennesaw location today to speak to one of our professional legal team members.


    Note: The Silverbach Group may only represent one spouse in order to avoid any potential conflict of interest.  We will prepare documents for the other spouse to sign as a courtesy, but advise that spouse to obtain independent legal advice before signing.