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    Owning a large insurance agency, The Silverbach Group has represented several of our customers through divorce and DUI proceedings. They are exceptional in their knowledge and representation. Our clients have all been extremely satisfied. They are highly recommended! The Wells Agency

    Why do I Need a Divorce Lawyer – Kennesaw, GA?

    Divorce Lawyer Kennesaw GaHiring your Kennesaw divorce lawyer to represent you in court can bring many advantages to your case situation. Your lawyer will be able to provide you with not only the professional knowledge surrounding your case, but also offer your legal advice throughout court hearings to best guide your case down the right path. Divorce can be a very sticky situation if you are not aware of the legalities within your state. Avoid common mistakes in advance by understanding how how hiring a divorce attorney can help your case.

    What to expect from your Kennesaw divorce lawyer:

    • Confidentiality with your case terms during trial
    • Your professional lawyer will solely represent you on the case within the signed agreement
    • Legal advice pertaining to your case and specific situation
    • Legal representation at all court hearings and meetings
    • Professional knowledge of the legalities pertaining to your case

    What not to expect from your Kennesaw divorce lawyer:

    • Handling matters outside of your signed agreement
    • Even the most accredited lawyer cannot guarantee you results
    • You lawyer will not act under any unethical or illegal terms

    The Divorce Process:

    Divorce Kennesaw GAAnyone going through a divorce will let you know that divorces are a lengthy process. This is why having a divorce lawyer – Kennesaw, GA can help you speed the process up because they know the legalities of the system. Our legal team here at Silverbach Law firm work with clients on a daily basis to help get their divorce case settled as fast and as fair as possible. Here is the process in which most divorce lawyers will help your case through:

    • Divorce petition
    • Response for both spouses
    • Negotiated settlements from both spouses
    • Trial period
    • Dispute resolutions, if any
    • Child custody resolutions, if any
    • Closure of case

    If you are currently going through a divorce or wanting to get started, contact your professional Kennesaw divorce lawyer today. This is not a battle that has to be fought alone. Having a legal representative can help you gain the results you seek for closure.

    Selecting a Divorce Lawyer

    Before just choosing any divorce lawyer in town, we recommend you do your research. Making sure you have the right lawyer matched to your specific case is very important. When selecting your divorce lawyer, there are a few things you will want to take into consideration.

    • Personal compatibility – you want to make sure your lawyer can relate to your and your situation in order to properly represent your case
    • Credentials – select a lawyer with experience dealing with your case type
    • Consider the cost – select a lawyer within your price range or work out a payment plan before getting started
    • Location – select a lawyer close to you for meetings

    What Should I Expect to Pay?

    We firmly believe in helping our clients regardless of their pocket size. To get started on a quote for your case, contact one of our legal representatives today for a complimentary consultation. Our professional legal team is here to help you in any way we can.

    Contact one of our professional legal team members today to discuss you case options! We are here to fight for you and your case until you get the results you deserve.

    At Silverbach Group, we firmly believe in matching the right lawyer to the right client and their case. As professional and experienced our legal team is, we recommend you interview each of them to find the best fit. We are confident we have the legal professional you need to fight your case. Contact our Kennesaw office today for complimentary consultation to discuss your case options.