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    Atty. Silverbach and his team provided an thorough and excellent legal experience for me. I would highly recommend him and use his team again!

    For most people, having a DUI charge on their record can do more harm, and result in possible loss of their license, than they expected. Having this charge can not only damage your record, but it is also costly, especially in the state of Georgia. Having your professional DUI Lawyer in Kennesaw, GA representing you the entire time can help not only save you time, but could also possibly lower your charges and lessen your fines and other legal obligations that come with a DUI charge.

    DO NOT settle for a DUI charge on your record. Contact our Kennesaw office to speak to one of our professional attorneys to resolve your case and save your record.

    Why should I hire a DUI Lawyer?

    DUI Lawyer Kennesaw GaMost people are unfamiliar with the legal knowledge of how to lower a DUI charge or even how to remove it from your record. Hiring a professional DUI Lawyer – Kennesaw, GA can help you fight against it with professional legal advice and power. Your DUI lawyer will be able to represent you fully and work with the court system to lower or possibly even remove your charges.

    More importantly, having a professional DUI lawyer representing you gives you the opportunity to understand how the law can work for you in many cases. The law is for your protection and you can have it work for you if you are aware of the limitations. For example, by having an attorney review your case, you can determine whether the following situations can help your case:

    • Determining if the initial stop was legal
    • If your sobriety tests were properly administered
    • Could medications prescribed or medical conditions alter your sobriety tests in any way
    • Determine whether breathalyzer gun was properly calibrated and operating to standards
    • Determine whether proper advice was given before your sobriety tests were given on behalf of the officer performing them

    At Silverbach Group, we understand the damage that a DUI charge can do to your record. We also understand all of the legalities behind the processes in which DUI charges are administered. Whether it is because of a job position, the risk of losing your driving privileges  or simply the pride in having a clean record, our professional DUI attorneys specialize in working with these cases on a daily basis.

     How bad is a DUI charge on my record in Georgia?

    DUI Attorney Kennesaw Ga Having a DUI charge on your driving record can affect many aspects of your life, making it a very serious charge. If you are not properly represented from the start, the following consequences can occur:

    • Affects getting jobs or possibly even your current job position.
    • In the state of Georgia, a DUI charge remains on your record for the rest of your life and cannot be expunged from your record.
    • Insurance rates rise due to the charge.
    • Possible license termination for up to a year if it is your first conviction.
    • Very expensive and time consuming.

    Starting early gives your attorney the proper chance to review materials and investigate the charges held against you in order to prepare for your court hearing. In the state of Georgia, you have the opportunity to fight against your DUI conviction from the start. Once it is on your record, it will remain there for life. Reach out to your professional DUI Lawyer in Kennesaw, GA to review your case today.

    What are the costs of a DUI charge in Georgia?

    The cost of a “guilty” plea  for a DUI charge in Georgia can cost anywhere beginning between $7,000 to $10,000, which considers your bail, fines, court fees, insurance charges, DUI courses that will need to be taken and the cost can increase depending on if you were in an accident or not. If you are wanting to lessen your charges and penalties, consult with your professional DUI attorney today and start early.

    Start today with a simple call to one of our professional DUI lawyers to review your case. Having the legal representation will not only save you time, but also money in the long run.