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  • What are the Adoption Laws in Georgia for LGBT?

    Written on April 17, 2014

    LGBT Attorney Kennesaw GaAdoption Guidelines for LGBT Families

    When you are first beginning the process of adoption, as single or married, you will want to seek legal counsel to begin this process, and avoid problems down the road. Adoption can be complicated, and you will need solid legal counsel to assist you in making the right decisions. A legal adoption can be a lengthy process that varies from state to state through DFACS, as well as adopting through private adoption agencies. Adoptions always come with their own set of circumstances and unique situations, and all of these must be considered, along with yours. If you are a part of the LGBT community, you have rights protected by the State of Georgia that will allow you to adopt a child. Because the state of Georgia does not recognize same sex marriage at this time, there will be legal issues that arise if you intend to adopt a child as a couple. Knowing how to navigate around this issue, and present your case accordingly is part of how a family law practice can help you! Georgia law does not prohibit single parents of the LGBT from adopting. Whether you are a single adult, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, the state of Georgia wants to allow for anyone to adopt a child, if they have a heart to do so. The Silverbach Group is known for their family law work and understand the adoption laws in Georgia. They are experienced in providing legal counsel for the LGBT community. We want to help you with one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime: Giving a child a home and having a forever family! We encourage you to call our office and make an appointment to discuss your adoption with one of our attorneys at 770-635-0334 or read more about us on our website: We can assist you with legal representation in the following cases:

    • Adoptions for single parents
    • Adoptions for step-parents
    • Adoptions for same-sex couples
    • Adoptions for Co-parents
    • Adoptions for LGBT in Georgia
    • Joint custody agreements
    • Legal guardianship provisions