What are the benefits to hiring a legal attorney to represent me?

Regardless of your legal matter, hiring a professional attorney in Kennesaw, GA can give you several advantages to possibly gaining the case results you wish to have and saving you time and money in the long run. For starters, professional, legal attorneys have the advantage of working with the system. They understand the laws surrounding your case and they work with them on a daily basis. Having someone as powerful as an attorney to legally represent you can save you from a damaging charge and help you to get the settlement you deserve, regardless of case type. In addition to having legal representation to help resolve your case, hiring a lawyer to represent you can also speed up your trial process, if you even have to attend court hearings. Trials can be lengthy and costly. Leave it to the professionals to seek the case results you wish to have.

Additional reasons to hire a professional Kennesaw Attorney:

  • Reduction or elimination of fines and penalties
  • Reduction or elimination of punishment as a result of a guilty charge
  • Reduction or elimination of charges held against you
  • Appear in court on your behalf due to time restraints if needed
  • Reduction of case time spent in court
  • They research all aspects of your case so that you do not have to
  • Full representation for all of your legal needs

At Silverbach Law Firm, our professional, legal Kennesaw attorneys are highly trained in working with a variety of cases on a daily basis and representing a variety of clients. Achieving the case results you seek is our number one goal. We take the time and effort in representing you every step of the way.

Attorney Consultation

Under the direction of  Ted Silverbach, The Silverbach Group’s Team of Legal Professionals are committed to providing you with diligence and aggressive legal representation regardless of how big or small the case. We talk with you, not at you.  We believe every decision you make regarding your case should be comfortable and confident every step of the way. Since every case is different, our free consultations make it easy for our clients to connect with one of our professional attorneys who specializes in the field of the clients needs. This ensures that you have the right attorney that will best represent you and your case.

Located just a few blocks from Downtown Kennesaw in a non-pretentious setting where you are always welcome to come visit our warm and friendly environment. Contact our Kennesaw office today for additional information regarding your free consultation.

We offer a discount to any client who is actively serving in the United States Armed Forces.  If you need experienced divorce law services, contact us today!

Selecting Your Legal Attorney

At Silverbach Law Firm, we have hand selected our team members to bring you a variety of expertise to help assist you in any case matter. Our team members each have multiple areas of specializations and are fully committed to representing you in the court of law. If you are interested in seeking additional legal advice or are in need of hiring a legal attorney, contact our Kennesaw location today for additional information. In addition to contacting us, we encourage you to visit our Attorneys website page to view qualifications and brief backgrounds as well.

Areas of practice- Kennesaw, GA:

At Silverbach Law Firm, our highly trained attorneys represent clients in a variety of case scenarios. Each one of our team members takes the time to specialize in multiple areas to give you a wider range of expertise. Listed below are our areas of practice:


The Power of Knowledge

Our legal team, here at Silverbach Law Firm, firmly believes in the power of knowledge and the benefits to fully understanding your case scenario. As a result, it is our goal to make sure your questions are answered in a timely manner regarding your case. We understand that finding answers to your case can often be difficult, so we have specifically designed our website to help answer immediate questions you have regarding your case matters. Though our website is fully designed to get you started, it is always recommended that you seek additional professional advice beyond website material. Our legal team is always standing by to offer you a free consultation and to answer additional questions you may have.